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Personal Support Services & Accommodation Provider

Helping People to Be Free to Be  

Themselves, meet Their Goals and to Be Free to Be a Vital Part of the Community

 Through the Development of Daily Living and Life Skills

Activities, Coaching, Training

"Sandy's love of people, helping people to heal and being the best version of themselves is amazing."

Sandy Johnston - Principal Service Provider
Take a look at our site to find plan and self-managed support services Geelong
as well as Services for Private Clients to have the key to be free to be all they can be

Introducing our law firm

Explore respite accommodation with built-in experiences tailored to your goals

Short term accommodation option

A sactuary to feel safe, secure and supported

With tailored support services to help you meet your goals.

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Access respite accommodation direct

Short term accommodation option

A sactuary to feel safe, secure and supported.

Receive support from an experienced Support Worker

To get started with new inquiries, we offer a free call.

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Get out and about in the community

with confidence with support

To get started with new inquiries, we offer a free call 

to tailor services to your needs and goals

Access empowerment and goal-setting coaching and consulting

Ready to get to work?

Start here with a session to establish your needs

and main objectives.

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Experience a Spiritual Guidance

& Chakra Alignment Deep Dive Session

Receive a Spiritual Coaching Session with an

Intuitive Angel Card Reading and a Chakra Energy Healing.

Participate in a

Money Mindset Matters Session

Heal from a scarcity mindset. Bring money matters back into balance.

A session to improve your self-esteem and self-worth.

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dreams future planning beating procrastination feeling stuck online or face to face session.jpg

Unlock Your Dreams

to Regain Your Mojo Session

Reimagine a life where you can recover,

renew and rebuild.

Create Your Very Own

Digital Vision Board


Get clear on your goals, 

be intentional and stay focused.

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Sandy Johnston - Principal Service Provider is a Domestic Violence Survivor
- Podcaster - Empowerment Coach - Speaker - Author - Singer 


The Tiaras Tears and Triumphs Podcast is designed to be a safe space for women to heal and grow.

If you are one of the one in three women who have been hurt by some form of abuse in a relationship then this Podcast may be able to help you feel less alone in what you are going through.

One of the reasons women find it so hard to break free from abusive relationships is that they become disconnected from others and are often left alone to suffer in silence. 

We hope that you will find some refuge here as you listen to each episode and become empowered to rise above the challenges you face and ultimately regain control over your life. 

Everyone can fall into victimhood, either because they have been victimized by someone or they have gone through circumstances that have made them feel disempowered.

This Podcast can help you to let go of limitations and start enjoying your life again.

the tiaras tears and triumphs podcast women reocery domestic violence .jpg
the tiaras tears and triumphs podcast women reocery domestic violence .jpg

Click on the link below to listen to the

Tiaras Tears and Triumphs Podcast

94%-99% of domestic violence survivors experience economic abuse.

Don't be a statistic who survives. Become a woman who thrives.

facts about domestic violence .jpg

21%-60% of victims of intimate partner violence lose their jobs because of the abuse.

Between 2005 and 2006, 130,000 stalking survivors were asked to leave their jobs as a result of their victimization.

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facts about domestic violence .jpg

Too many women take too long to rebuild their lives after escaping an abusive relationship. 

During this time they may lose their -

* Place in the community

* Ability to form new relationships


*Financial Independence


*Sense of self

* Hope

You may not know it yet, but you already possess the key to be free.

Learn it, turn it and break free!

facts about domestic violence .jpg


Sometimes it doesn't feel like there is a light. Sometimes the tunnel you're in seems lonely and complexities are thrown at you from all sides. Sometimes help seems like it's getting further out of reach.

Remember who you are. Remember what you have survived. Remember you're made of tough stuff even when you feel at your weakest.


Then remember to hope. It's the birthplace of a plan out of despair. 

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Transformation Meditation

Here is a meditation to work on your subconscious mind,

helping you to release limiting beliefs and replace them

with positive messaging to transform your mind.

When you listen to this meditation over and over

it will begin to take a hold and will empower you to

reach out and grab a hold of opportunities to help you

close the door on fearfulness and open the door

to creating a rich and rewarding life,

full of purpose, peace and passion.

Life can begin anew!

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